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Homeowners, landlords and management companies know how important it is to determine the character and credit-worthiness of a potential tenant. We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, accurate and timely information available while also assuring you receive exceptional personalized customer service.

KnowMyHire.com offers an array of tenant screening options to ensure your potential occupant is one you should or should not consider. We can design a package including those that detail an individual’s history in the following areas:

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Research is derived from the most comprehensive national landlord/ tenant record database available. The report is presented in an easy-to-read format summarizing past court actions, prior landlord inquiries and landlord-reported history.

Bankruptcy Filings:

The Federal jurisdiction specified is searched for any records of bankruptcy. Reported information may contain the type of bankruptcy, discharge date, names of petitioners and the date filed.

Civil Records:

County Civil Records – Civil records are checked at the appropriate jurisdiction. These records include lawsuits filed by private parties or corporations against other private parties or corporations. Civil records contain information about suits involving personal or property rights, auto or personal accidents, landlord-tenant disputes, liability, disputed contracts, probate, juvenile and family matters.

Federal Civil Records – Federal records are checked at the appropriate U.S. District Court. These records are usually related to civil rights violations, interstate commerce, or issues involving the federal government or financial institutions. These records are limited to each specific district. This information is readily available and will be returned to you within a few minutes of receiving your order.

Criminal Records:

County Criminal – The most reliable source for criminal information is the county-level search. Through our tremendous network of court researchers, each county criminal search is performed at the county level to report any felony or misdemeanor convictions. This is the most complete method for uncovering criminal records because law enforcement officials are required to report all charges that result from arrests involving felonies, misdemeanors and other offenses.

Statewide Criminal – The statewide criminal search provides you with felony and misdemeanor convictions that have been reported to the State by courts from each county and other criminal justice agencies. These reports are provided through our direct access to the state, not through an outside vendor.

Federal Criminal – The federal criminal search is performed at the Federal level to uncover offenses that violate Federal law. These crimes are recorded in our U.S. District Courts. Federal violations will not appear in a county or statewide criminal search. Federal crimes involve kidnapping, drug trafficking, interstate transportation of stolen goods, embezzlement or bank robbery; there is only a slight number of criminal cases that violate Federal law but those that do are of a very severe nature.

Criminal and Sex Offenders Databases:

KnowMyHire.com provides access to the most comprehensive statewide database searches available. These searches reach a much broader geographical area than traditional county-level searches. In contrast, database searches should be viewed as a supplement to county-level research and not as a replacement. Database searches are valuable resources in determining where to search for the actual court records necessary to verify a positive match.

Statewide Criminal Database Search – The information contained in these searches varies and is comprised of criminal records from several sources within each state. Data is available from many state and county criminal repositories; prison, parole and release files; sex offender registries, and other state agencies.

Nationwide Criminal Database Search – Each statewide criminal database is searched simultaneously for an overview of criminal activity that may have been reported anywhere in the United States. (Click here for details of all jurisdictions and lists included in this extensive search)

Sex/Violent Offender Registry – This database contains currently registered sex and violent offenders with felony conviction records. Data has been compiled from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. A link to the jurisdiction’s website is provided on each record for more information. Further investigation through statewide criminal record databases or county level research is strongly recommended.

Homeland Security Patriot Act Name Search:

Nationwide Wants and Warrants:

This report is based on a review of a database owned and maintained by a government agency. It is a nationwide search of local, county, state and federal extraditable warrants and may include misdemeanors and felonies. All law enforcement agencies participate in this database and are responsible for reporting information regarding pending warrants.