Service: I-9 Employment Eligibility

The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) legally mandates that U.S. employers verify the employment eligibility status of newly-hired employees, making it unlawful for employers to knowingly hire or continue to employ unauthorized workers. provides employers with a new and expedient method to mange your Form I-9 process, offering the first web-based service to verify whether your employee has a legal right to work in the United States. Through our affiliation with Form I-9 Compliance, a federally approved Designated Agent of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) for Form I-9 employment verifications, our firm increases the efficiency and validity of Form I-9 employment verifications and processes.

Through integration with the federal government’s Employment Verification Program (EVP), we conduct automated Form I-9 legal “right to work” verifications for employers. Using the specific information contained on the Form I-9, we electronically verify the accuracy of Social Security Numbers, Immigration “A” numbers, and I-94 arrival/departure numbers and provide a DHS-issued unique verification number, which should be attached to the employee’s original Form I-9. Our verification services are secure, quick, easy-to-use, and most importantly, accurate.

Form I-9 Compliance Services Enable Employers to:

  • Confirm the legal “right to work” status of newly hired employees and receive a unique verification number from the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Use an error-detecting electronic Form I-9, virtually eliminating processing errors and simplifying the document completion process.
  • Electronically sign using E-Sign Act compliant click-to-sign solution.
  • Electronically store and retrieve active and inactive I-9 Forms, providing anytime, anywhere secure paperless access for updating, re-verification and governmental inspection as dictated by law.
  • Receive automated alerts 90, 60 and 30-days in advance of the expiration of employees' work authorization documents, enabling employees to apply for renewal of their work authorizations, greatly increasing the probability that they can legally continue to work without interruption.
  • Easily identify current employees with mismatched Social Security number(s), through the SSA’s Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS).

Our Services Provide Measurable Benefits; Form I-9 Employment Verification Services will:

  • Simplify and improve the efficiency of your Form I-9 employment verification process.
  • Provide Executive Management with the peace of mind that your employees’ Social Security and Immigration documents are valid.
  • Substantially decrease human errors in completing I-9 Forms.
  • Cost-effectively reduce your exposure to government audits, financial penalties and negative publicity resulting from non-compliance.
  • Improve the accuracy of your payroll and tax reporting and virtually eliminate SSA inquiries concerning unmatched Social Security accounts.
  • Create a paperless, electronic Form I-9 storage and retrieval system.
  • Provide a more stable workforce by reducing disruptive and costly turnover of legally unauthorized employees.
  • Demonstrate “Good Faith” compliance with the employment verification provisions of IRCA through participation in the government’s Employment Verification Program.
  • Protect U.S. jobs for individuals who have a legal right to work in the United States.
  • Help reduce the country’s spiraling identify theft crisis.