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Your next hire is your choice – a choice that is critical to the success of your business and the health of your bottom line. At KnowMyHire.com, our ambition is to partner with you to provide you with the tools and diligence necessary to support hiring decisions. In short, we protect your company’s future by researching your potential employee’s past.

Each background screening process is client-specific. From the time of your first contact, you will be assigned a Screening Specialist, or your one-point of accountability throughout your partnership with KnowMyHire.com, who will help you plan your program and set-up your account and screening preferences. You will then be ready to submit your search orders via fax, email, phone or through our secure on-line ordering system - whatever it takes to allow you more time to focus on finding qualified individuals for your company.

We provide a tiered ordering structure, allowing you to quickly decide whether the applicant should be further evaluated. This often results in a substantial cost savings. Rest assured whenever you have a question concerning report content, you will be given immediate assistance. Please contact KnowMyHire.com should you require extra research - free of charge - to answer your questions.

Employment Screening Reports and Searches: (Show All | Close All)

Social Security Trace (PASST Report):

The PASST report is an instant search of a database that includes over 20 billion records for previous addresses and other identifying information about an applicant. The report will provide detailed information about an applicant including all full names, aliases, and addresses, along with the county, date of birth, age, phone numbers and the dates reported at each address. The applicant’s Social Security Number will also be validated and include the date and state of issuance. This information assists in eliminating fraudulent use of a Social Security Number and establishes the criteria necessary to conduct a more comprehensive background investigation.

Criminal Records:

County Criminal – The most reliable source for criminal information is the county-level search. Through our tremendous network of court researchers, each county criminal search is performed at the county level to report any felony or misdemeanor convictions. This is the most complete method for uncovering criminal records because law enforcement officials are required to report all charges that result from arrests involving felonies, misdemeanors and other offenses.

Statewide Criminal – The statewide criminal search provides you with felony and misdemeanor convictions that have been reported to the State by courts from each county and other criminal justice agencies. These reports are provided through our direct access to the state, not through an outside vendor.

Federal Criminal – The federal criminal search is performed at the Federal level to uncover offenses that violate Federal law. These crimes are recorded in U.S. District Courts. Federal violations will not appear in a county or statewide criminal search. Federal crimes involve kidnapping, drug trafficking, interstate transportation of stolen goods, embezzlement or bank robbery; there is only a slight number of criminal cases that violate Federal law, but those that do are of a very severe nature.

Criminal and Sex Offender Databases:

KnowMyHire.com provides access to the most comprehensive statewide database searches available. These searches reach a much broader geographical area than traditional county-level searches. In contrast, database searches should be viewed as a supplement to county-level research and not as a replacement. Database searches are valuable resources in determining where to search for the actual court records necessary to verify a positive match.

Statewide Criminal Database Search – The information contained in these searches varies and is comprised of criminal records from several sources within each state. Data is available from many state and county criminal repositories; prison, parole and release files; sex offender registries, and other state agencies.

Nationwide Criminal Database Search – Each statewide criminal database is searched simultaneously for an overview of criminal activity that may have been reported anywhere in the United States. (Click here for details of all jurisdictions and lists included in this extensive search)

Sex/Violent Offender Registry – This database contains currently registered sex and violent offenders with felony conviction records. Data has been compiled from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. A link to the jurisdiction’s website is provided on each record for more information. Further investigation through statewide criminal record databases or county level research is strongly recommended.

Homeland Security Patriot Act Name Search:

The Homeland Security Patriot Act Name Search includes over 30 U.S. and foreign sanctions and watch lists in addition to national and international terrorist, fugitive and debarment lists. As the U.S. or foreign governments and other international organizations release new lists, they are added to this search. These lists include, but are not limited to, the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals (SDN); FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists; U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Most Wanted Fugitives; OSFI Canada List of Financial Sanctions; World’s Most Wanted Fugitives, and many more.

Nationwide Wants and Warrants:

This report is based on a review of a database owned and maintained by a government agency. It is a nationwide search of local, county, state and federal extraditable warrants and may include misdemeanors and felonies. All law enforcement agencies participate in this database and are responsible for reporting information regarding pending warrants.

Driver’s History – MVR:

Driving records, also known as motor vehicle reports (MVRs), are documents that detail a history of violations, suspensions and other information about a person's driving history. Driving records can be invaluable investigative tools for individuals and businesses. These reports include name, address, date of birth, issue date, expiration date, status, endorsement and driver history (i.e. accidents, suspensions, violations and more).

Bankruptcy Filings:

The Federal jurisdiction specified is searched for any records of bankruptcy. Reported information may contain the type of bankruptcy, discharge date, names of petitioners and the date filed.

Worker’s Compensation Claim Filings:

This provides any history of Workers’ Compensation claims filed by the applicant and the nature of the claim. Because each state maintains its own laws regarding the release of Workers Compensation Claim information, this report is not available in every state.

Employment History:

Each previous employer listed on the application is interviewed. The information returned may include dates of employment, position held, salary, reason for leaving, whether the person is eligible for re-hire, disciplinary actions, dependability, general work conduct and competence.

Education Verification:

This verification confirms the applicant’s highest level of education. Information received may vary but will generally include dates of attendance, level of completion (including diploma/degree), course of study and degrees earned.

Professional License Verification:

This verification reveals to you whether the applicant has been honest about the type of license held (i.e. its validity, the date and state of issuance and the licensing authority).

Personal References:

This includes information revealed in an attempt to verify the applicant’s reliability, criminal past, alcohol or drug abuse and character. This defines the image of the applicant by those who really know him/her.