2012: Another Record Breaking Year for EEOC

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November 20, 2012

The EEOC finished its 2012 fiscal year with record breaking numbers. This includes:

1. $365.4 million through its private sector administrative enforcement;
2. $44.2 million through its litigation program;
3. reduction of pending cases by 20%;
4. resolution of 111,1139 cases; and
5. secured $61.9 million in relief for parties who requested hearings in the federal sector.

As we enter 2013, one thing is certain, the EEOC will continue to be very aggressive in pursuing employment discrimination. Organizations should continue to review and revise policies and procedures to protect themselves from this type of claim.

You can learn more about the employer educational assistance by visiting www.eeoc.gov.

Review the entire Performance and Accountability Report by clicking the related link below.

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